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A message from Carol Haslam

Founder and Managing Director of Slow Tours

The worldwide impact of the COVID-19 Coronavirus is significantly affecting the travel industry. Unfortunately, the increasing incidence of COVID-19 is also affecting our guests - the travelers who are counting on us as they prepare to embark upon what can be the journey of a lifetime.

We understand that these developments create uncertainty and raise questions for our travelers. Our guests and our employees are our top priority at Slow Tours, and their health and wellbeing are paramount.

To our best endeavours, and if and when possible, we, in conjunction with our partners in Europe, will ensure our guests can enjoy the enriching international experience to which they are entitled.

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis is evolving on a daily basis and the travel industry is in a state of flux. We will be keeping a very close eye on the developing situation each day.

The recent extraordinary external developments and circumstances have compelled us to take actions with regards to clients booked on tours. March and April tours have been cancelled. These proposed actions will be updated on a regular basis with regard to travel restrictions imposed by authorities. Notices will be at the bottom of the screen on our website in a pop-up box where they may be downloaded.

What can we offer in order to do our very best for our staff, business partners across the world, our agents and our clients?

1. Currently, we have not let any of our team go, and are finding ways in which we can all be of service to our clients. We have closed our office temporarily to reduce possible contamination between us, to help those with young families to manage their family duties, and to reduce costs. We will be working from home and using our technology to bridge any gaps in communication. We are working closely with our partners and hope to have 2021 dates and prices in the very near future, so clients can start re-booking and planning for the time when this current situation improves and we can all travel again - something to be positive about!

2. We strongly urge all travelers to assist the travel industry, no matter where you have booked your travel, to be patient, to postpone your travel, but not to cancel. This way, you the clients, travel agents, tour operators, tour wholesalers and all those other travel providers we rely on to take us places, will be in better shape if clients postpone instead of cancelling.

3. We are in the process of creating a way in which you can enjoy some of our stunning photos and videos which we have been using on social media over the many years. Many of our followers have remarked how much they have enjoyed these expressions of beautiful nature, architecture, landscapes, geography and history. They can also initiate ideas to help you plan your future holidays, or to reminisce on the pleasures you have shared with others in the past. Maybe this will also be a reminder to get back in touch with people you have met on your travels.

4. We are working on expanding our offering even further, so our clients have even more choice of Slow Tours in different destinations. Be assured we will notify you when these new offers are available.

Since its inception, our business has been built on offering leisurely paced travel experiences, some organised by Slow Tours, and others in partnership with small and medium businesses, often family businesses, based in locations we believe have special experiences to offer. We believe they provide a superior experience and understanding of the local environment.

Travel broadens the mind and is an educational experience. It builds understanding of other peoples, languages and cultures, their creativity, their art and music, their food and wines, their way of life, their natural environments, flora and fauna. This experience may be in a small group tour in a vehicle, on a boat or barge, on land or on water, on foot, on bikes or in any way where our clients can experience a relaxing and refreshing experience, away from the crowds and at a leisurely pace.

We will be here for the long term, offering clients a large range of these special experiences in many destinations, and we look forward to helping you with your travel requirements for years to come.  

Keep well, look after yourselves and those around you

Yours in travel,

Carol Haslam 

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