Berlin Adventure (2022)

Welcome to my Berlin Adventure 2022. 

In this blog I will be talking about my experience in the beautiful city of Berlin as well as my feelings and processes travelling in the 'post covid' climate. I hope you enjoy reading and maybe feel a spark of adventure brewing for the future. 


I decided to give in to my adventurous side three days into January 2022. News that travel was opening up and restrictions were easing pushed my decision to 'just do it'. Being home-bound since the end of 2019 had taken its final toll on me and it was time to see the world again.

Booking flights and my hotel was the easy part. To my surprise flights were still cheap! And hotels had sales to attract those who needed the extra motivation. Travel cards received, money at the ready, bags open and ready to be filled. Everything looked to be working out.  

Until I started looking into 'COVID requirements'. Oh what a mess. Nothing was easy to understand. Vaccines, booster, forms, quarantine, masks... everyone wanted something different, not to mention it was guaranteed to change in 24hrs! Head spinning I started my research. 

Okay London.. check. Germany...check. Australia... hope for the best. 

As my departure date closed in, I found myself checking sites 3-4 times a day! Ensuring nothing changed and I was going to make it. It started becoming a stress-inducing habit. 

4 days to leave became 2 days became 1. 

This was it.

I did not feel ready. All the what if's popped into my head. Worst case scenarios flooded in. What if I couldn't go? 

As a first time solo traveller, it's okay to feel this way. It okay to be unsure and nervous. That's the joy of learning how to be strong for yourself. It's times like this that resiliance comes through.

And that's just what I did. I was not going to give into my what if's and im so glad I didn't.

I made it. Let the adventure begin. 

Landing in Berlin was the most amazing feeling. All the worries and stress was over. I was in the place I dreamed off for months. 

First stop hotel. Second stop, wash away 34 hours of flight! Third stop, explore!

The Victory Column was my first place to visit. It was a cold, rainy and windy day but nothing was going to stop me. I walked through the Tiergarten and saw the looming golden figure of Victoria, standing proud. Standing at the base, the straight roads stretched in every direction, making the Column its central point. I paid my entry fee, fixed my mask and climbed and climbed. The views were amazing. 360 degree sights of Berlin, surrounded by trees.

One of my highlights. 

The Berlin wall is a must see. Its cultural and historical relevance to Germany is something everyone has to experience. The wall stretched with striking, emotion inducing, beautiful and dark art from different artists around the globe. Each space made to make you stop and reflect. I managed to catch the wall at sunset, showcasing a pink hue in the grey clouds above. 

The Berlin Cathedral was such a beautiful place to see. Its magnificent architecture, art and relevance was reflected in the way its stands. proud and tall after all these years. Every inch was adorned with something. Nothing left without the touch of art. But the best part was the climb to the roof. Stretched views of the inner city available for your eyes. 

Visiting the Brandenburg gate and Jewish Memorial was a dark but reflective day. The memorial blended into the dark grey skys, the concrete columns standing solid and still while their background reflected the busy every day life of Berlin. Walking through I felt confined, overpowered and lost. The pillars made the earth feel like it stretched forever. 

The Gate was a mighty Greek inspired fixture. It stood tall and I felt like it really reflected power. The glooming clouds behind it made it feel like war was coming.  

My general exploring took me through the huge Tiergarten, the city areas, coffees, ducks, pubs, museums, lakes, palaces and gardens around Berlin. The cities mix between modern and old was showcased well through pops of ancient architecture and modern facilities.

My diet consisted of fresh bagels, scrolls and indulging in the international presence of all cultures. The different languages spoken blew me away. German, English, Indian, Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, it felt like everyone was here, all appreciating this beautiful city.

My weeks suddenly turned to days, then to hours. My time was over. It wasn't enough. 

I'll be back Berlin. 

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