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Coast of Italy

Italy has been divided into 20 regions, each with its own individual history, cultural heritage and culinary traditions. Taking a tour of each region is like taking a trip to 20 different countries. If you want to understand the essence of Italy, it is important to experience as many of the varying regions as possible.

To travel through Italy is to discover a real-life history lesson, as each specific region reflects a chapter of its past. For example, Latium is a representation of the Roman Empire whilst Veneto reflects the times of the Middle Ages. The regions of Italy also house the unique and magnificent cities of Rome, Florence, Naples and Venice. With such beauty and history, we’ve put together a brief explanation of some of the gorgeous regions of Italy and how you can experience them yourself on a European guided or self-guided tour!

The Region of Tuscany


Who hasn’t heard of Tuscany? This divine region has it all – the seaside and country side, food and wine, beautiful cities, rolling hills and secluded villages. Home to Renaissance art, picturesque medieval towns lined with small cobblestone streets, the colourful houses invite curious visitors. The beautiful sandy beaches and remote bays beckon for a swim in the glistening blue water. The towns of Pisa and Florence do not need any further presentation and with our unique selection of cycling, sail and bike, and self-guided tours in Italy, there is no excuse for not experiencing Tuscany.

The Region of Veneto


One of the most developed regions of Italy, Veneto is famous for its capital, Venice! All the photographs you’ve seen of the Palazzo Ducale, of the Basilica di San Marco, of the palaces along the Canal Grande – they’ve simply been recording the extraordinary truth. Venice’s cultural heritage is a source of endless fascination, but you should also allow time just to wander – the anonymous parts of the city reveal as much of the city’s essence as the highlighted attractions. With over 10 various tours around the beauty of Venice, we’re sure you will find one to suit you!

The Region of Lombardy

Lake Como

Located in the far north of Italy, Lombardy's capital is Milan. With its illustrious history and modern status as the financial capital of Italy, there is an abundance of breathtaking architectural structures, il Duomo cathedral being the best known. The region is also renown for the unforgettable Italian “lake district”, incorporating the stunning destinations of lago Maggiore, lago di Como, lago d'Iseo and lago di Garda, all of which await you on a 15-day escorted Slow Tour!

These are just some of the wonderful destinations in Italy. Check our next blog for more about other regions and tours in Italy.

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