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Holland's magical tulip season

Part of Holland is transformed into a vast sea of flowers from mid March to mid May. It starts with crocus season in March, which is followed by daffodils and hyacinths. Finally the tulips show their gorgeous colours from mid April through to mid May.

Fields filled with beautiful colour

It is the long spring season with cool nights that makes Holland the perfect country for tulip growing. The soil in the polders is continuously drained, creating perfect growing conditions for tulip bulbs, which love well drained but moist soil.

From mid March to the mid May, the tulips transform big parts of Holland into a colourful patchwork quilt. If you are traveling to Holland do see the tulips in April, you will discover fields filled with gorgeous colour everywhere.

tulip garden

Tulip season

Travel to Holland in mid April to see the tulips at their best. Although tulip season runs from March until mid May, the flowers are usually at their best halfway through April. More than 7 million flower bulbs bloom in spring at the Keukenhof gardens in Lisse. It is one of the best places to discover many different kinds of tulips. However, at this time of year you only have to board a train or pick up a bicycle to see tulips in all their glory in rural fields.

cyclista and tulips

Where are the tulip fields?

Most tulip farms in Holland are located in the Noordoostpolder in the province of Flevoland. The flower bulb fields along the coast of The Hague and Leiden up to Alkmaar in the north are also a great way to enjoy these beautiful flowers. The Keukenhof, the world’s biggest flower garden exhibition, is famed for its many tulips, is just a 15 minute drive away from Leiden and 30 minutes from Amsterdam. FloraHolland is the world’s biggest flower auction located in Aalsmeer, minutes by car from Amsterdam.

mass of colourful flowering bulbs

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