Some of my favourite tours in June - Brittany, Normandy and Dordogne

Only 8 people on each tour, so relaxed, easy and lots of fun! This week-long tour of the Dordogne is our most popular, with visits to prehistoric caves, calm peaceful countryside, geese and ducks and the signature 'foie gras' of the region. Not to mention the golden fields of sunflowers and the many hectares of vineyards producing some wonderful wines.

The tours in Brittany and Normandy are fabulous in June. Brittany is a bit on the wild side with fresh Atlantic winds sweeping across and the smell of sea air is wonderfully invasive. Fresh fish and shellfish can be found inland as well as in every town and village along the coast. Local apple cider is abundant and the local crepes and galettes (crepes made with rye flour) made with fresh local eggs are delicious.

Normandy has the one and only Mont St Michel a must see, the Bayeux tapestry, coastal and inland towns with half-timbered houses. The countryside is blessed with rich green grass which feeds the cows producing milk for the local Camembert cheese and high quality dairy products. The northern coastal beaches are a mix of old and elegant with some great resort towns such as Deauville, and ancient ports like the one at Honfleur. A delightful region to visit.

Photo below is of the Dordogne river at La Roque Gageac

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