Sunset at Port Navalo

An evening concert in the Morbihan region

A couple of years ago, after hosting a tour of Brittany, I met up with some friends for an open air concert in Port Navalo. In the late 1990's I lived in this beautiful Morbihan region for a year and a half, and made many lifelong friends. It is a great joy to visit them whenever I run tours in the region and can fit in a few days or more so we can catch up. 

Morbihan is a French region based around the Golfe du Morbihan, a huge gulf with many islands, standing stones, (menhirs), oyster beds, sailors and fishing boats with a wonderful range of wild water birds that are different according to the season. The Siberian geese and many other waterfowl come down from their northern homelands to spend winter in what they consider is a warmer place. I found this fact fascinating as for me, it was bitterly cold in winter! I have many fond memories of my time spent in this magical place which I will forever enjoy revisiting.

On this particular trip, I was being taken by my friends to an evening open air concert at Port Navalo, a small village at the mouth of the gulf, with views over the gulf itself as well as the ocean. The air was fragrant with spring flowers, jonquils and early jasmine. A soft sea breeze blew across the marina as we walked to the large grassy area where the concert was soon to start, overlooking boats gently rocking on the marina waters.

As we walked and talked the sun was going down, stunning colours starting to appear on the horizon and my camera was itching in my hand.  I excused myself from the group and walked closer to the edge of the small hill we were on, so I could see the sunset more clearly. No two sunsets, no two sunrises are ever the same. The foreground of every photo is different. Sometimes you just get lucky with a photo. The amazing addition was the people fishing at the waters edge, to whom I am forever grateful!

These photos always take me back to that magical moment of the evening with special friends as we shared an exceptional experience together. 

Paul Gauguin was one of the impressionist artists who lived in a small village along this south coast of Brittany, and with good reason. It has an amazing light that the French call 'la lumiere' which explains more than just 'light'. If you enjoy travelling to places with lots of small villages, boats, harbours and marinas, soft air, sea breezes and fresh seafood, join one of our tours of Brittany. 

Carol Haslam, Founder and Director of Slow Tours Pty Ltd

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