It’s a term we are hearing more and more, small group touring. It’s a travel option that provides so many advantages for a wide range of travel goers and offers experiences that are otherwise impossible on large group touring.

So what defines a small group tour? A tour that consists of a maximum 12-14 passengers using mini buses and local transport, offering smaller, local and more boutique accommodations.

The benefits of small group touring are positive and allow for a more tailored and unique experience for the traveller, let us explain.

Using mini buses and local transport means the group is able to access smaller villages, off the beaten track places and lesser known tourist spots that large coaches can’t travel to. It also means smaller, boutique accommodation with a more local and authentic cultural feel. Restaurants are also a highlight for small group travellers as the group is small enough to get a table at almost any restaurant, sometimes in the most unlikely of places.

Local knowledge
Using local guides means genuine local experiences that are hard to match in a large group and even on a solo adventure. Their knowledge of the surrounds, places to eat, places to shop and must see sights creates a truely immersive and cultural adventure.

Smaller groups mean less wait times. An advantage for small group tours in terms of flexibility means that more time is spent enjoying the places that matter. Less time is spent getting on and off the bus and less time checking into the hotels. Smaller groups can manoeuvre around sites and museums much easier than large groups. Small group tours are designed to see the highlights of the destinations with enough down time to relax, reflect and experience your surrounds.

Peace of mind
Small group touring gives you many of the advantages and freedom that solo travel gives you without any of the stress. Your hotels and transport are taken care of for you, you have someone who can guide you and take care of the heavy lifting while you have the opportunity to learn, experience and relax in the destinations and it’s cultures. Not to mention the opportunity to meet like minded people and build worldly friendships to last a lifetime.

For us, small group touring is one the of most magical ways to travel. We believe that travel is not about seeing a destination, it’s about truly experiencing it.

All of our tours are classed as small group, catering for up to 14 people. Explore all 21 of our small group tours throughout Europe and find your perfect holiday experience with Slow Tours.

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