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Olive Oil Immersion Tour

  • 6days
  • Greece

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Food Tours Europe

Olive Oil Immersion Tour (Guided)

Are you ready to take over your health and introduce Mediterranean nutrition to your life?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) | Olive Harvest | Olive Oil Tasting | Cooking Class | Walking in ancient grove | Healthy living | Natural Wine | Organic Plant-Based meals

Th team has joint their forces and their 40 years of collective experience, to offer a unique opportunity to metamorphose your food to the absolute pleasure and health defense. We can transform you to an excellent conscious plant-based cook while mastering the number one ingredient of Mediterranean diet: extra virgin olive oil. Experience hands on the transformation of the olive to a premium extra virgin olive oil from an ancient farm to bottle. Master three Greek olive oil varieties, learn all the secrets about food pairing and cooking with extra virgin olive oil and turn it to the star of your dishes. As Hippocrates, let nutracutical evoo be your medicine, adopt healthy evoo habits that will boost your immune system and protect your health forever. Walk and connect with nature and meditate on current concerns about humanity and our relationship with planet Earth. And since Mediterranean is not only about nutrition, immerse yourself to the slow lifestyle of Greeks.

What's included?

  • Food & drinks
  • Entry or admission fee
  • Private house accomodation (up to 4 persons)
  • Let a rooster wake you up in your eco farm house
  • Have endless dinner chats under the starts with the companion of a curated selection of natural Greek wines and like-minded people
  • Meditate under a 2000 years old olive tree and relax with high phenolic evoo massage.
  • Encounter our ancestors in ancient Sparta and get inspired by their lifestyle.
  • Visit picturesque locations 
  • Thus, as a gift for your initiation into the Greek olive oil world, we will send you, right at your doorstep, four bottles of the extra virgin olive oil that you harvested, tasted, cooked with and now you master!

What do I need to bring?

Walking Shoes, Hat, Rain Jacket, Boots if possible

The team:

Two leaders in the field of Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Oleotourism & Agrotourism join their forces to bring a unique experience.

The Farm is a unique regenerative agritourism & ecotourism farm that hosts tours on olive oil, wine and gastronomy. It has been awarded for the hotel and product design, sustainability and eco consciousness and culinary experience. It has been featured in hundreds of international media outlets like NYT, The Guardian, Condé Nast Traveler, National Geographic Traveler, Travel & Leisure Magazine, Wine Enthousiast, Food & Wine Magazine.

Certified Olive Oil & Olive Sommelier Kalamata Olive Oil Taste Laboratory T.E.I. Peloponnese. Speaks English, Italian, French, Greek


LIÁ Cultivators narrates the dream of two siblings Cristina & Constantinos Stribakos that starts in 1975 when their parents inherited just 19 olive trees. That gift planted the seed of passion in them to share with the world a 100% natural product combining the high standards of production and the values of a family business. LIÁ premium extra virgin olive oil, produced in Messinia, travels all over the world bringing to thousands of consumers’ table a pure and unspoilt product as it is gifted from Mother Nature! When family traditional harvest meets Integrity and Respect towards Nature the Extra Virgin Olive Oil resulted wins tens of awards in world EVOO competitions around the world. The practical and aesthetic bottle design wins the love of consumers.

Cristina Stribacu is a certificated olive oil taster and participates in international contests and conferences. She organizes tasting courses for schools, tasters and producers, sharing in this way the importance of EVOO production, consumption and the values of the Mediterranean diet. She has a special passion for languages, because they facilitate communication, for art, because you can explore and express your deeper and wider self, for nature, because you can make contact with and respect yourself as a part of it. She has studied Italian language and art history and her entrepreneur spirit led her found LIÁ Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Cristina is based in Messinia, Greece, and active worldwide.

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  • Day 1


    Arrival at Eumelia farm. Welcome farm to table dinner. The chef will prepare for you an organic and zero-kilometer meal. Eumelia’s organic vegetables are combined with local delicacies and form a unique gastronomic experience

  • Day 2

    The transformation begins

    • Organic homemade handmade breakfast, including some of eumelia’s specialties such seasonal pies, freshly handmade bread with and infusions with wild herbs from the farm.
    • Sustainability tour of the organic farm and guesthouse, learn and come in contact with the Greek agricultural landscape. The aim and wish are to establish a sustainable example of an ecotourism / agrotourism / education / culture space that receives, entertains and educates visitors as well as the local population on issues such as environment, environmental technology, organic farming methods, alternative health, sustainability, self- sustainability, and progressive educational tools.
    • Olive picking, join our picking crew and learn how to prepare the harvest nets, pick the olive trees and get the olives ready for the olive mill. Meet the perennial olive trees that age more than 2000 years - you can even hide in their trunks!
    • Lunch
    • Olive Oil tasting: Why EVOO is the superior category of olive oil? Learn all the secrets of the green gold of Greece, how to distinguish a fresh extra virgin olive oil and how to store your olive oil properly. -High phenolic EVOO massage ( 4 participants ) – Free time: After a tiring day relax your muscles with qualified physiotherapist and of course nourish your body with nutraceutical EVOO infused with wild herbs of the farm.
    • Farm to table dinner and wine pairing from our curated list of natural wines of Greece

  • Day 3

    Encounter our ancestors

    • Organic healthy handmade breakfast.
    • Ancient Sparta: Guided tour to the ancient civilization world known for discipline, endurance and minimalism.
    • Greek Olive Oil and Olive Museum A tour of the Olive Oil Museum in Sparta, one of nine in the world, learn how ancient Greek made olive oil and how it has evolved in the last 4-5 thousand years.
    • Lunch in En Hatipi: Taste the local slow food culture and try recipes that date back to antiquity.
    • Take a guided tour of the olive mill, witness the whole process of making olive oil and taste fresh olive oil with toasted bread.
    • Farm to table dinner and wine pairing from our curated list of natural wines of Greece

  • Day 4

    The Mediterranean living immersion

    • Organic healthy handmade breakfast.
    • Olive Oil Tasting: Master 3 Greek varieties and how to pair them with food (Cristina)
    • High Phenolic EVOO massage ( 4 participants ) – Free time
    • Lunch
    • Farm to table Cooking class & EVOO health tips: Local cuisine with a twist, healthy and conscious cooking with EVOO. Learn all the secrets of the local Laconic gastronomy with the guidance of the farm chef. Pick fresh eatable wild greens from the farm and learn to prepare filo dough and make the famous local pitas. - “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”-Hippocrates-

  • Day 5

    Nature goods last forever

    • Organic healthy handmade breakfast.
    • Kalamata Olive Harvest - shorting and curing: The art of preserving the fruits of nature.
    • Picnic in the grove: eat as humble as a field worker
    • Olive Oil Soap making: Nourish your body with evoo, make it last forever. Experience firsthand how to make your own natural soap. Select the herbs of your choice, combine them with organic extra virgin olive oil from our farm and make your personal soap bar with the natural cold method.
    • Table olive tasting: The different varieties and styles of Greek table olives.
    • Farm to table dinner and wine pairing from our curated list of natural wines of Greece.
    • Outdoor cinema

  • Day 6


    • Organic healthy handmade breakfast. - Departure

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