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Tours in Greece

When you think of tours of Greece you think of ancient history, Athens, the Acropolis, Greek Gods and Goddesses, Homer's Iliad and the Greek invasion of the city of Troy. Or maybe your thoughts would be on the Greek islands, Rhodes, Corfu, Santorini and Mykonos, the white houses against a deep blue Mediterranean Sea. Greece is all of this plus it has an important wine industry and is known throughout the world for its delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Book a tour in Greece and bathe in its warmth and hospitality.

Explore Greece

The best tours of Greece incorporate the Greek islands, combining a cruise or sail with daily bike trips (look at these Bike & Boat Tours) exploring around where the boat is moored. Take a Food Tour, Adventure Tour, enjoy learning the Greek language or indulge in a week of Health & Wellness on an organic farm. Enjoy the abundance of the Greek lifestyle, Greek food, local wines, Greek bouzouki music or try your feet at a Zorba the Greek dance. Whichever Slow Tour in Greece you choose, we are certain you will enjoy it and savour the experience!

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