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Tours in Switzerland

Book a tour in Switzerland, known for its Alps, snow and winter sports, Swiss chocolate and Swiss cheese. Discover the beauty of this amazing country. Lakes Geneva and Zurich, along with many others, have ferries and boats of all sorts sailing around them. Staying in a lakeside hotel is a wonderful way to explore the surrounding villages, farms, hills and mountains. 

Public Transport

A great way to travel is on the trains. Getting the trains to travel from one end, and height, of the country to another is no easy task, but the Swiss have managed to produce and maintain this marvel for over a century. You can even take a train nearly 45 degrees straight up mountains. The best known train service is the Glacier Express from St Moritz to Zermatt. An absolutely stunning trip, especially when there is snow around.

Best tours of Switzerland

Walking tours, cycling tours & Christmas markets are all a great way to discover Switzerland, also a small group tour which uses public transport - a great way to travel to see the mountains and glaciers!

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