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The Czech Republic is a great place to visit for those who like to keep a bit off the beaten track. Ornate castles, medieval towns and its natural beauty all combine to give you an interesting and enjoyable holiday experience. Prague, its capital has a well-preserved medieval old town and the Prague castle where the Christmas markets are held. The old stone Charles bridge crossing the Vitava river, built in the 14th and 15th centuries, links the Old and new Towns of Prague.This stunning bridge has 16 arches and is lined with Baroque statues of religious figures. With natural spas, puppet and beer festivals and an eclectic mix of castles and chateaux of various epochs, visiting the Czech Republic will be an excellent experience.

Czechia's cities and towns

Apart from the exciting city of Prague, settled on the banks of the Vitava river, has been the capital of Bohemia and the Roman Empire. The Municipal House is a beautifully ornate building next to the Pachovsky Palace and the Powder Tower in the old part of town. A must see is the ole Town Hall with its amazing clock, crafted in 1410 by a clockmaker and professor of mathematics. The Old Town Hall’s astronomical clock has been repaired and maintained for over 600 years, making it the third oldest clock in the world. Wencelas Square in the centre of the old town is home to the Prague Opera House and the National Museum. St Vitus cathedral and the Spanish Synagogue are two of the more significant buildings in this city. other main cities in Czechia are Brno, Ostrava and Plzen.

Slow Tours in Czechia

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