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Tours in Ireland | Luxury Barge Tours & Walking Tours in Ireland

Tours in Ireland

Ireland is best known for its beers, particularly the dark beer of Guinness. The evergreen countryside never fails to be remarked upon, as well as some of the famous landmarks that often are highlighted in songs, such as the Mountains of Morne (....that go down to the sea). Some of the most well known features of Ireland which appeal to tourists are The Moher cliffs in County Clare, the famous Ring of Kerry, the 5000 year old, megalithic cemetery of Newgrange which is said to be a tomb of Irish Kings, the Giants' Causeway in County Antrim and many castles which demand a visit. Blarney castle is one of the best known, probably because of the even more famous Blarney Stone (which you have to kiss, by the way!)

Best tours of Ireland

An island of green countryside, it is the perfect place for a luxury barge tour along the river Shannon, a walking tour or cycling tour around the country lanes, or an adventurous sail and bike tour around some of its smaller islands. Book a tour in Ireland and discover the amazing shades of green of this fascinating island.

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