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2 slow tours in Wales
Pembrokeshire Coast
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South Wales 8 Day Self-Guided Cycling Tour (Level 3)
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Tours in Wales | Walking Tours | Cycling Tours in Wales

Tours in Wales

Wales is one of those untouched countries from a tourist point of view, with beautiful landscapes, rugged coastlines, lakes and mountains. Medieval gothic castles give light to a rich history. Around half the country is natural forests and a joy for photographers and nature lovers. An excellent way to discover this country is through a Walking or Cycling tour including touring the coastline to countryside and high mountains, you'll discover rare bats and birds, otters, red squirrels, and you might even spot a seal pup if you're lucky.

Wales top destinations

Wales is only roughly 20,800 square km yet is home to some of the most scenic locations in the United Kingdom. 

  • Pembrokeshire - With the entire coastline being a national park, you'll find the most amazing scenery in Pembrokeshire. A beautiful coastal town with every nature lovers dream of fantastic wildlife.
  • Cardiff - Despite being the capital city, Cardiff has a lot of history to offer to those who seek it. Discover vintage shopping areas while walking through its vibrant city walls.
  • Portmeirion - A true fairytale destination to see. Described as 'Britian's most successful architectural projects', Portmeirion has some of the UK's best gardens. 

Best tours in Wales

A walking or cycling tour of Wales into the mountains and national parks is the best way to discover its rugged beauty. Breathtaking views await!  

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