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Tours of Austria

Think of Austria and you think of the stunning scenery of the Sound of Music, of Omar Sharif, Catherine Deneuve and the Vienna Woods in the film Mayerling, of the Empress 'Sissy' and Emperor Franz Josef, the Viennese Waltzes of Strauss and of course the music of Mozart. Book a tour of Austria and you will discover Austria's history, art and culture, its fairy-tale villages and magnificent castles combined with its natural geographical beauty of lakes, valleys and mountains, makes it one of the best places to visit for a combination of nature and culture.

Austria's best known cities

Vienna is the capital city of Austria. It is a city with such architectural gems as the Schonbrunn Palace, the Hofburg palace, which houses the Spanish Riding School and its Lipizzaner horses, the Belvedere palace which houses a magnificent art collection, and of course the Vienna Opera House. The town centre is clean and easy to walk around with many Viennese coffee houses and luxurious hotels on almost every street. Salzburg, birthplace of Mozart, is also full of historical landmarks, the most significant being the 10th century Hohensalzburg castle built on a hill overlooking the city. Melz is the home of the Melz Abbey, originally a castle before it was given to the Benedictine monks in the 11th century. The Abbey is built on a rocky hill standing guard over the city of Melz.

Places to visit on a tour in Austria

Austria is a really beautiful country to explore on a Slow Tour. Cycling tours, walking tours and hiking are very popular here, also luxury barge tours and combined bike & barge tours. Enjoy a small group tour to explore the villages and countryside or cruise along the Danube in a luxury barge. There is no doubt you will enjoy some of the delicious locally produced food and wines. The many lakes and mountainous surrounds make interesting and stunningly beautiful walking and cycling tours. Salzkammergut region and the lake Zell are very popular. Also the village of Hallstatt which is UNESCO protected is one of the best known and loved of this country. The region of Styria is known for its wine production and has a milder climate than the higher city of Innsbruck, which is surrounded by mountains.


Central to many other European countries, a Slow Tour in Austria can be combined with other tours in Switzerland, France, Germany and Hungary, Austria's neighbours. Whichever tour you choose, we are sure you will find it fun and enjoyable.

Slow Tours in Austria

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