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Wine Tours in Europe

In so many european countries, grapes have been grown and wine has been made for centuries. From Bulgaria and the Balkan countries, to the well known western European countries of Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Greece, the varieties of grapes and wines are a pleasure to discover.


In France, the Bordeaux, Cognac, Burgundy, Champagne regions are probably the best known around the world, but there are plenty of regions, which means that wherever you go in france you will find some good local wine. Brittany and Normandy are better known for the cider and calvados.


Probably the second best known wine country - if you listen to the French! Best known are the Prosecco, Asti, Chianti, Sangovese, Lambrusco, Montepulciano and a whole range of Tuscan wines.

Spain and Portugal

Spain's wine regions include Catalonia, Andalucia and Galicia, but you will find many others as you explore this beautiful country. Portugal's Douro valley has a whole range of wines, the douro reds having gained huge popularity in recent years, and who has not heard of the Alicante Bouschet and the Mateus Rose?

Other wine countries

Lesser known but producing excellent wines for centuries are countries such as greece, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Montenegro, where vineyards were planted centuries ago, often before they arrived in Italy or France

Wine Tours

Enjoy a week or more with a range of experts from the local region, visit to wineries, and opportunities for wine-tasting. There are many surprises in our Wine Tours Europe selection. Most of the tours are a week long and include accommodation, touring, tasting at wineries, good food in farms and restaurants. Also included are visits to local sites and significant historical places of interest. There is time to enjoy the scenery with tastings of local products with the wines, plus of course, excellent dining. If you haven't already done so, check out the 'Food Tours Europe' category. Book a Food Tour and a Wine Tour!

5 slow tours in Wine Tours Europe
Wine Tours Europe
Bulgaria 6-day Wine Tour
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Wine Tours Europe
Georgia 7-day Wine Tour
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