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Photography Tours Europe

Photography Tours Europe

Are you a keen photographer? For anyone in travel, it is really important to take photos so you can enjoy them forever. What a great way to enjoy your holiday in improving your photography skills! Discover tips and techniques, take stunning photographs and learn about colour and composition. Our photography tours are guided by photography experts.

Which countries?

Currently only in Slovenia and Switzerland, but more tours will be coming soon.

What is included?

Each tour will have different inclusions. Mostly based in accommodation where it is easy to find stunning landscapes. Much of the good light of early mornings and dusk is when you will go out and take photos, so accommodation allows for easy access rather than luxury, is what is included in these tours.

Photography Workshops

Included during the day is the opportunity to check your photos in a workshop, discuss how to improve them, and get some advice from experts. Check the details and itinerary on each tour, or email us at [email protected] with your questions.


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