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European Castles and Chateaux

Many of our tours include visits to castles but the tours in this category have a real focus on castles with many more visits and comparisons between the fortress style, medieval stone and the more decorative Renaissance models. France's Loire valley and the Dordogne are some of the regions best known for the high concentration of hundreds of castles, from the 'small' family style accommodation to the enormous Royal castles of Blois and Chambord. Being in the same region makes it easy to visit many of them without spending hours travelling.

Where can I see castles?

Castles built throughout the centuries are in almost every country in Europe, with some stunning examples in France (chateau) in Austria and Germany (schloss) in Italy (castello) in Spain (castillo) in Portugal (castelo), not to mention the many castles which remain in the eastern part of Europe which have been well maintained and may be visited. England has many medieval and renaissance castles, also a vast number of manor houses and old aristocratic homes of all shapes and sizes. 

Will I see castles on other tours?

Yes, almost definitely! Wherever a tour goes and a castle is in that location, you will almost certainly be taken to visit it. The difference in choosing a 'Castles Tour' is that you get to see a range of them. In France particularly, the castles of the Loire Valley are arguably the most famous in the world. Over 300 chateaux, with 42 of them UNESCO listed, gives you plenty to see during a week's tour. The Dordogne valley has even more, but most of them are 'family' chateux, smaller and quite liveable, as opposed to the Royal and aristocrat's chateaux of the Loire Valley, with their enormous sizes and hundreds of rooms.These are the two tours with a focus on chateaus.



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