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European Cycling Tours

A great way to enjoy your favourite activity is to discover the many bike tracks and routes on a cycle tour in Europe. These range from an introductory level 1, mostly flat and from 20-40 kilometres a day, to level 4 for more experienced riders where hills and mountains are part of your tour, with distances up to 100 kilometres a day. On our website there is a large selection of cycling tours of Europe, in France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and more

Check out these levels

Level 1 - Casual cyclist: You prefer to cycle along flat, well-established cycle paths which have good stopping places. You don’t cycle much at home, but you have the urge to give a cycling holiday a try

Level 2 - Fair weather cyclist: You cycle occasionally but only when the sun is shining. A cycling tour is for fun, not a method of fitness. Gentle hills or longer sections on gravel tracks don’t pose any problems for you. You just pedal along enjoying the lovely views in the countryside as you go

Level 3 - Holiday cyclist: At least one cycle holiday per year is compulsory for you! You regularly go out for bike rides at the weekends. Sometimes, you battle with a long, steep hill or a day’s cycle ride with an undulating profile. But to enjoy the rest of the ride, the route should then become flatter and more leisurely again afterwards

Level 4 - Leisure cyclist: You regularly go for longer rides. Instead of taking the car, you prefer to cycle and your decent level of fitness enables you to do this with ease. On your cycling holiday, you are happy for the route to be hilly and even if there are numerous ascents during a day’s ride, you will still be smiling when you get to your accommodation

Tour character

Cycling tours in Europe are well designed mostly off main roads, with stunning views and a beautiful environment. Each bike tour on our website has information on the type of terrain you will be covering. Some tours go onto roads, but mostly quiet country roads. Check your itinerary or ask us ([email protected]) if you require further information.

How does it work?

Accommodation is booked for you with breakfast, (sometimes a packed lunch) and with half-board bookings, dinner will be waiting for you at the end of the day. There is often a range of accommodation options from 2* to 5*. We have mostly 3* and 4* accommodation on our web pages, but if you have other requirements, ask us when booking. You will often be staying in small family hotels and inns where you can count on a welcome reception! If you book a half-board option, it means you will have a nice, warm dinner at the end of your cycle tour.

Luggage is transferred from hotel to hotel (Wow! This is so good!) so all you do is enjoy your day – at your own pace on a self-guided tour, or with a guided group. Take lunch and a few snacks, a bottle or two of water, your well-developed maps and route descriptions, any ferry, train or bus tickets included in your bike tour, and anything else you may need for the day. Before buying yourself a packed lunch, check your itinerary for the day to see if there are cafes and bistros marked where you can stop and have a leisurely break.

Bike vs e-bike When you rent a bike, we will need your height and inside leg measurements to make sure you have the right size bike. Most are unisex with 7 or 21 speeds. There are some cycling tours specially designed for mountain bikes. Ask us if you are interested in these. E-bikes can take the pain out of riding by giving you an extra boost, especially up hills, or if you have trouble keeping up with groups. You still have to pedal, so get your exercise, but the battery powered e-bike will mean you cycle with less effort. If you are seeking an alternative way to enjoy your bike-riding, or if you are travelling with non-cyclists, book a Bike & Barge Tour, a Bike & Boat Tour or a Sail & Bike Tour where they can miss the day's bike ride and stay on the boat for a day off. Check with us to ensure the tour you have selected is suitable for this.

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