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Sail & Bike Tours in Europe | Sailing & Cycling Tours Netherlands

Sail & Bike Tours Europe

A great way to have fun and keep fit! 7-or 8-day sailing tours on a cruiser on the oceans of Europe. Enjoy an all-inclusive tour on a Sail & Bike Tour in Europe. Discover a unique combination of cycling and sailing, mostly on tallships!  Discover this unique concept. All cabins have private shower and toilet facilities. A Sail & Bike Tour on a tallship provides wonderful cycling holidays, often with a few peaceful islands to discover, beautiful coastlines, quiet tracks.

How does a Sail & Bike Tour work?

Tours are different, so check if you can cycle at your own pace, or in a group with an experienced tour guide. You will receive detailed maps and travel information each day for the bike rides. Stop at the sights you would like to explore, and if you do not feel like cycling, you can always opt to stay on the ship for a day: this could also be the time to 'jump ship' and cool off in the sea!

What is the program?

Check the itinerary and details on each tour. Generally after breakfast, the bikes are taken off the ship and are ready for collection onshore. Guided or self-guided? On guided tours, the tour leader will have appointed a ‘sweep’ who stays at the back of the pack to make sure everyone is following, except for those who have chosen to go at their own pace. Self-guided means you can go at your own speed, whether that's faster or slower, as long as you get to the ship for your evening meal!

Bike or e-bike?

Some sail & bike tours make e-bikes available, but check the tour to make sure.  Don’t forget to bring your helmet! Most ships will have a bike to fit your size, which is why we ask for your height and inside leg measurement. Your bike has your name on it for the duration of the tour. Check if bike insurance is included or extra.

Great fun on board!

It’s a great way to make friends from all over the world! You also have the opportunity to help the crew to sail when conditions are OK or to learn to sail. Sail & Bike Tours book early so don't leave it too late to reserve your cabin. If you are not sure about which tour is for you, send us an email ([email protected]) or call our office. We have a team of enthusiastic travel professionals who would love to help you.

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