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Christmas markets in Europe

Why go to the Christmas markets in Europe?

Fancy a white Christmas? With visits to the fabulous Christmas markets? So well known and such a great way to enjoy your Christmas break in an entirely different environment, surrounded by the lights, music and cheery goodwill to be found at this time of year! Usually a week long tour, with plenty of opportunity to do your Christmas shopping.

Which countries have Christmas markets?

France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Luxembourg are some of the best places to visit, but there are many more countries, and some are not so full of tourists. Bring your winter coat and thick socks and be invigorated by the crisp, cold air. A good pair of non-slip walking shoes are a real bonus if there is ice on the ground. Some of the big cities have several Christmas markets, but the small villages are a different experience, often with local artisans who bring their wares to sell for Christmas gifts.

Food and wine

Depending on which country you are visiting, you will find a range of local, usually hot and warming food to taste at the markets. The smell of hot food and mulled wine on the chilled air, the Christmas carols often sung by a local choir, Christmas lights and often laser light displays, will ensure that your European Christmas is a special experience.


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