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Bike and Barge Tours in Europe | European Cycling Holidays

Bike & Barge Tours | Cycling holidays

Book a Bike & Barge tour in Europe on beautiful waterways, a great way to have fun and keep fit, or relax and stay on board. Enjoy an all-inclusive tour on your cycling holiday in Europe. a great way to combine boat and bike. Discover a unique combination of cycling and cruising. There is a great selection of Bike and Barge Tours on the Slow Tours website, in many European countries, travelling from March until October. These are mostly full-service Boat & Bike Tours in Europe, so join us and discover this unique cycling concept.


All cabins have private shower and toilet facilities. Dining, bar and lounge facilities change depending on the size of the barge. Some barges have upper and lower decks, and nearly all of them have an outside seating area where you can just relax and watch the landscape slipping slowly by.

Tulip Tours

Holland’s Tulip Tours 5- or 8-day bike & barge cruises include visits to the famous Aalsmeer flower auctions, the Keukenhof gardens and other places where spring bulbs are in full bloom. These are available in March and April. Your daily cycling tour takes you to some very flowerful places and you won't miss seeing the windmills!

European bike tracks

A Bike and Barge Tour provides wonderful cycle rides over beautiful bike paths in more than 10 European countries, cycling at your own pace, or in a group with an experienced tour guide. Check your tour details (on Slow Tours website) to see if there are any roads you will travel on. Most roads included in the bike tour will be quiet side roads.

Cycle or stay onboard?

You will receive detailed maps and travel information each day. Stop at the sights you would like to explore, and if you do not feel like cycling, you can always opt to stay on the boat for a day: this is the unique boat and bike concept! How does it work? On each Bike and Barge Tour after breakfast, the bikes are taken off the barge and are ready for collection onshore. The tour leader would have given a briefing the evening before, you pack your lunch from the breakfast table – sandwiches, rolls, fruit and snacks plus a bottle or two of water – and you are ready for the day’s bike ride.

Guided or self-guided?

Check if the tour is guided, has an option for guided, or is self-guided. On guided tours, the tour leader will have appointed a ‘sweep’ who stays at the back of the pack to make sure everyone is following, except for those who have chosen to go at their own pace (usually the faster cyclists). At morning tea, you make a stop for a break and of course, if anything on the way is worth a visit, the group stops to take photos or to enjoy a view.

What about lunch?

At lunchtime, there is another good break before the group moves on for an afternoon ride to the new mooring of the barge. On arrival there is afternoon tea with drinks and snacks waiting for you on board, and a few hours free before dinner in the dining room. You can stay on deck, go for a walk, enjoy a walking tour of the town/village where the boat is moored (sometimes organised by the crew) shower in your room, read a book on the lounge chairs, or take a drink in the bar.

Bike or e-bike?

You can hire a male or unisex (usually a 7- or 21-speed) bike or if you think you need an extra boost when you are cycling, take an e-bike (electronically assisted). Don’t forget to bring your helmet!

Great fun on board!

It’s a great way to make friends from all over the world! And you can choose from smaller barges with 20-30 people on board, or a larger one up to around 120 people. You also have the option for upper deck cabins on some barges, but you must be quick for those! Bike & Barge Tours book early so don't leave it too late to book. Next step: Check out all our Bike & Barge Tours below. If you are not sure about which tour is for you, send us an email or call our office. We have a team of enthusiastic travel professionals who would love to help you.

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