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Boat Bike Tours Europe

Jump on board a small ocean cruising boat! You can enjoy the daily cycling tour excursions at each mooring. Wonderful island-hopping opportunities and sailing in various European countries - Spain, Croatia, Greece, Holland, Italy etc.

How Does it Work?

Unpack your suitcase and stay on a motor boat for a week in a comfortable cabin. Excellent local food and wines on board; visit ports and discover beaches, towns and villages! Daily bike tours with a guide will ensure you won't get bored - and will keep fit at the same time. Daily rides start after breakfast, when bikes are off-loaded and your tour guide will ensure you have a good ride. A stop for morning tea, and again for lunch, with stops for photos and sites of interest, or occasionally a beach stop for a cooling swim in the ocean. You arrive back at your boat for afternoon tea, with a selection of food and drinks waiting for you - and a chance for a debrief of the day's cycling activities. You have time for a shower before dinner in the dining room where the tour leader will give an overview of the following day's bike trip. Some of the cruisers have a platform at the rear of the boat so you can have a swim or try out a paddle board!

Stay on board?

If you feel you prefer to take a day off, then make sure you have a good book, so you can relax on the lounge deck and enjoy the cruise. Also, make sure your boat is OK for this. Check where the boat is going to moor for the day, organise a packed lunch or find out what you may be missing on the bike ride! A great way to meet people from all over the world, with most boats having a capacity between 20 - 60 people. Make friends, stay fit, relax and enjoy the cuisine and wines.

Bike & Barge or Bike & Boat?

The difference on our website is that bike & barge tours run on inland rivers and canals. Bike & boat tours are on ocean-going cruisers, often discovering islands around Croatia, Greece, the Mediterranean islands and around the North sea. Also, check out the Sail & Bike experience, where you get to cruise on a sailing ship and may have an opportunity to help sail the vessel.

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