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Fresh air and freedom at your own pace! Do you love the outdoors? Enjoy walking and discovering stunning views, peaceful countryside, charming villages, rivers, oceans. There are so many fabulous walking tracks throughout Europe that you would never tire of returning to discover different countries and regions. This is a great way of keeping fit, no matter what your age or level of fitness Levels Our selection of these tours includes walking from level 1 to hiking / trekking at level 4. If you are not sure of what level of fitness is required, check out the different levels below. Level 1 - Beginners walking: You enjoy spending time in nature and observing your surroundings. Also ideal for families creating walking bliss for both adults and children. You like plenty of time for activities off the route for enjoying both culture and local cuisine. The terrain on beginners walking holidays is mostly flat, with easy routes where you walk on well-maintained, well-marked paths. Each daily tour on this level takes approx. 3 to 4 hours. Level 2 - Walking tours: Easy walking tours where you can enjoy the most beautiful routes in Europe without any special technical difficulties. Most routes are well signposted. You walk on well-maintained paths and each daily tour takes up to approx. 5 hours. Differences in altitude are minor. Level 3 - During a mountain hiking tour magnificent views and panoramas appear in front of you. At the end of each stage you can be proud of yourself to have mastered these mountain hiking tours designed for advanced and experienced hikers. Surefootedness is a prerequisite during steep and often unsecured, unpaved ascents. During mountain hiking you cover longer distances and tackle several metres in altitude. Paths are often unpaved and daily walking times range between four to six hours. There will also be one or more summit ascents. A good fitness level is required. Level 4 - Trekking tours manage to get any hiker’s pulse racing and awakens every experienced hiker’s wanderlust. The tours are designed for experienced mountain-hiking enthusiasts with a very good fitness level. High-quality equipment is required, as during some stages of the tour hikers need to carry their luggage themselves. You hike amidst Europe’s most magnificent mountain ranges on an altitude between 1500 and 2500 metres. The trails are rocky and in parts exposed. This highest level of difficulty requires a very good fitness level. Daily walking times total approx. up to 7 hours. Accommodation Hotels are booked for you with breakfast, (sometimes a packed lunch) and with half-board bookings, dinner will be waiting for you at the end of the day. There is often a range of options from 2* to 5*. We have mostly 3* and 4* accommodation on our web pages, but if you have other requirements, ask us when booking. You will often be staying in small family hotels and inns where you can count on a welcome reception! Luggage Your luggage is transferred from hotel to hotel (Wow! This is so good!) so all you do is enjoy your day – at your own pace on a self-guided tour, or with a guided group. Take a lunch and a few snacks, a bottle or two of water, your well-developed maps and route descriptions, any ferry, train or bus tickets included in your tour, and anything else you may need for the day. Before buying yourself a packed lunch, check your itinerary for the day to see if there are cafes and bistros marked where you can stop and have a leisurely break. From the riverside and coastal level tracks of Holland, Germany, France’s Loire and Rhone valleys to the mountains in Austria and Switzerland, you will love these tours!
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