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Rhone route of Switzerland 7-day Self-guided Cycling Tour Level 3 (Oberwald)

  • 7days
  • Switzerland

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Switzerland Self-guided Cycling Tour(Ob erwald)

Sun, Wine and Culture: The Rhone-Route connects – between Oberwald and Geneva – three completely different types of landscapes: In the Goms, the landscape is alpine and the route consists for the most part of downhill rides with an occasional rise.

In Brig, the Rhone valley widens. Nowhere in Switzerland, is there more sunshine than here in the Wallis. Another change of scenery in Villeneuve. The wide, light flooded area of the Lake of Geneva on one side, the wine hills with sounding names on the other side of the route accompany the cyclist on his way towards the goal of Geneva.

The Rhone-Route offers scenic and cultural variety and the flat route profile makes it perfect for casual cyclists as well. First leisurely through the Goms, the wide and sunny valley of the young Rhone. Accompanied by the scent of flower fields and larch forests, you reach the alp city of Brig. The main valley is now broader and more densely populated, but only a few kilometres later, the Route leads into a natural park.

The natural park of Pfyn-Finges impresses with its unique and diverse flora and fauna. Here you can still see the Rhone in its original wildness. From the picturesque cities of Sierre and Sion, the landscape is dominated by fruit orchards and vineyards, until you reach the banks of the Lake of Geneva at Le Bouveret.

The Lake of Geneva is like a little silver ocean surrounded by snowy peaks. The marked Route leads through the wine terraces of Lavaux, that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage, as well as the cities of Montreux, Vevey, the lively Waadtland metropolis Lausanne, Morges, Nyon and in the end the international city of Geneva.

Tour character: Level 3

Length | Number of stages: 350 km | 8 Stages
Roads and trails: Asphalted: 320 km, Natural surface: 30 km
Ascents | Descents: 3600 m | 4600 m
Fitness level: medium (without Furka Pass, without Ernen-Mörel)

Included in the Rhone Route Cycling Tour:

6 x overnights stays in Oberwald
Breakfast buffet
Daily luggage transport
Ticket to the World Nature Forum in Naters
Ride with the cable car Vevey – Le Mont Pèlerin
Guide book
Detailed tour documentation
GPS-data available
7-day Helpline


Parking space in Oberwald or Ulrichen.
Free parking spaces at the train station in Oberwald, no reservation possible.

If you would like to hire a bike (99 euro) or e-bike (215 euro) please contact our office when booking: [email protected]

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  • Day 1

    Individual arrival in Oberwald / Ulrichen

    Arrival in the Goms, the wide valley of the young Rhone, with the remarkable, sunburnt wooden houses.

  • Day 2

    Oberwald / Ulrichen – Brig | approx. 40 km 695 m 1`370 m

    In this part of Switzerland, the Rhone is still called the Rotten. You ride through the sunny high valley towards Brig. In the evening you visit the World Nature Forum in the neighbouring village of Naters with information to the UNESCO World Heritage - Region Jungfrau-Aletsch.

  • Day 3

    Brig – Sion / Sierre | approx. 48 km 160 - 190 m 290 - 375 m

    The main valley in the Valais widens, sun warms the dry mountain slopes. Between Leuk and Sierre an unruly part of the Rhone, and the Pfynwald, a nature reserve on a huge mound of glacier Detritus. This natural park marks also the borderline between german and french speaking Valais.

  • Day 4

    Sion / Sierre – Saint-Maurice | approx. 40 - 60 km 140 - 195 m 120 - 265 m

    The capital Sion shows its historic castles, churches and mansions. The lower Rhonetal is dominated by the high-alpine scenery of the Dents du Midi. From the heights, a round tower guards Martigny with its famous art collection of the Foundation Gianadda. At the valley’s narrowest point, St-Maurice guards golden church treasures.

  • Day 5

    Saint-Maurice – Lausanne | approx. 65 km 545 m 580 m

    At the Lake of Geneva, past Montreux and with the cable car up to Le Mont-Pèlerin. From here, you go through the vineyards of the UNESCO-World-Heritage-Site in Lavaux down to the Olympia-city of Lausanne

  • Day 6

    Lausanne – Geneva and surroundings | approx. 70 km 685 m 675 m

    You pass the market town Morges and ride along the Lake of Geneva with the Mont-Blanc massif in view. The free shore gets rarer, the villas and yachts get bigger, and soon the metropolis of Geneva announces itself with boulevards and the 140 metre high water jet «Jet d'eau».

  • Day 7

    Departure or extension of your stay (ask us about extra nights)

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Car rental in Switzerland

If you prefer to drive yourself but would like to follow our itineraries and hotel choices we can help you with a brand new Renault vehicle - minimum 21 days - and have your itineraries and hotels ready for you.

Please email [email protected] for your choice of vehicle and pick-up and drop-off points in European countries.

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