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Jump on board a small ocean cruising boat! You can enjoy the daily cycling tour excursions at each mooring. Wonderful island-hopping opportunities and sailing in various European countries - Spain, Croatia, Greece, Holland, Italy etc. Unpack your suitcase and stay on a motor boat for a week in a comfortable cabin. Excellent local food and wines on board; visit ports and discover beaches, towns and villages - or just relax with a good book on the sundeck! Daily bike tours with a guide will ensure you won't get bored - and will keep fit at the same time. Daily rides start after breakfast, when bikes are off-loaded and your tour guide will ensure you have a good ride. A stop for morning tea, and again for lunch, with stops for photos and sites of interest, or occasionally a beach stop for a cooling swim in the ocean. You arrive back at your boat for afternoon tea, with a selection of food and drinks waiting for you - and a chance for a debrief of the day's cycling activities.. You have time for a shower before dinner in the dining room where the tour leader will give an overview of the following day's bike trip. If you feel you prefer to take a day off, then make sure you have a good book, so you can relax on the lounge deck and enjoy the cruise. A great way to meet people from all over the world, with most boats having a capacity between 20 - 60 people. Make friends, stay fit, relax and enjoy the cuisine and wines.
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3 big benefits of booking with us

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time becomes a friend

Yes, you’ll see and do many wonderful things, but at a relaxed, easy pace that invites conversation and reflection.

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distinctive quality

There’s not a village you’ll explore, or table at which you’ll dine, that you won’t remember with a smile.

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peace of mind

Whether travelling directly with Slow Tours or one of our carefully selected, kindred-spirit partners, you’ll have our complete and constant support.

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