Bike & Barge Tours in Europe & France

A great way to keep fit and to discover European rivers, canals, lakes and seas.

Enjoy a 7 or 8 day all inclusive tour on a Bike and Barge Tour in Europe. Discover a unique combination of cycling and cruising. Almost 100 Bike and Barge Tours in many European countries from March until October. Book a full-service Bike and Barge Tour in Europe and discover this unique cycling and sailing concept.

A Bike and Barge Tour provides wonderful cycle rides over beautiful cycle paths in more than 10 European countries, cycling at your own pace, or in a group with an experienced tour guide. You will receive detailed maps and travel information each day. Stop at the sights you would like to explore, and if you do not feel like cycling, you can always opt to stay on the boat for a day: this is the unique Bike and Barge Tour concept!

On each Bike and Barge Tour after breakfast, the bikes are taken off the barge and are ready for collection onshore. The tour leader would have given a briefing the evening before, you pack your lunch from the breakfast table – sandwiches, rolls, fruit and snacks plus a bottle or two of water – and you are ready for the day’s bike ride.

The tour leader will have appointed a ‘sweep’ who stays at the back of the pack to make sure everyone is following, except for those who have chosen to go at their own pace (usually the faster cyclists). At morning tea, you make a stop for a break and of course, if anything on the way is worth a visit, the group stops to take photos or to enjoy a view.

At lunchtime, there is another good break before the group moves on to the new mooring of the barge. On arrival there is afternoon tea with drinks and snacks waiting for you on board, and a few hours free before dinner in the dining room. You can stay on deck, shower in your room, read a book on the lounge chairs, or take a drink in the bar.

It’s a great way to make friends from all over the world! And you can choose from smaller barges with 20-30 people on board, or a larger one up to around 150 people. You also have the option for upper deck cabins on some barges, but you have to be quick for those! Bike & Barge Tours book early so don't leave it too late to book. If you are not sure about which tour is for you, send us an email ( or call the number at the top of your screen.

Some of the many benefits of a Bike and Barge Tour:

- Bike rides through cities, beaches, dunes and more
- Cruising on rivers, canals, sea and lake
- During the bike tours plenty of time to visit exciting cities
- The evening after cycling and cruising sights, attractions and shops within walking distance of the ship
- Beautiful cycling routes
- Cycling at your own pace or in a small group with an experienced tour guide, ca. 25 to 50 kilometers per day
- Bicycles and (at more and more tours) e-bikes incl. bicycle bag rental
- Clear cycling maps, directions and tips
- Always well-signposted cycle paths or calm roads
- Mainly on flat roads: for both beginners and enthusiasts (in Southern Europe: Also routes with greater elevation)
- Cruise and stay in a comfortable, well-equipped barge.
- Cruise and stay on barge for smaller (12-25) and large groups up to 150 people
- Your hotel room travels with you, every night you sleep in the same bed
- Cabins with private shower and toilet, often equipped with air conditioning

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3 big benefits of booking with us

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time becomes a friend

Yes, you’ll see and do many wonderful things, but at a relaxed, easy pace that invites conversation and reflection.

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distinctive quality

There’s not a village you’ll explore, or table at which you’ll dine, that you won’t remember with a smile.

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peace of mind

Whether travelling directly with Slow Tours or one of our carefully selected, kindred-spirit partners, you’ll have our complete and constant support.