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Croatia's Northern Parks Self-guided Cycling Tour

This cycling tour was fantastic and we LOVED it! Everything was perfect (except the weather, which rained and stormed most of the days we had to ride) but We won't hold you responsible for that. This was a trip I would absolutely recommend, and might even do again during a time of year that is a bit warmer. The hotels were all adorable, the food was fantastic, the people were amazing and the scenery was breathtaking! The one problem was that from where we were staying at the national lakes,...

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Dalmatia Trip

We have been on several biking/ boating tours, and this was by far the best! I recommend the Pearls of Dalmatia. We filled all 14 cabins with our friends, which made it more special. The best part of the trip, other than the stunningly beautiful southern Croatian islands, was the crew. The ships crew and guides could not have been better. They were all friendly, informative, very customer- oriented, but mostly they were FUN! I recommend going Dubrovnik to Split, south to north, as well. Islan...

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As always the hotels are well placed and interesting. All the hotel staff were very friendly and helpful about the bikes. Among the tour favorites: the island life, nature, quietness away from towns and provincial food and market goods such as honey.- June 2017

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Southern Dalmatia

The Magellan/Croatia trip was great! Loved the boat & crew! Would recommend the excursion to anyone. Our guides Dora, Alan & Luka were gracious, approachable and experienced. Our bartender was always with a big smile and a generous hand. Our cabins were luxurious ( compared to those on barge boats). Every island is beautiful in its own way, and a visual and epicurean combination of Italy, Greece & Hungary! We went in mid-April - it's early before crowds - May 1st is probably the best time, st...

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