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Spanish learning School in Southern Spain

"Homestay and activities have been superb, and it was great value for money. My classes were for 4 hours per day rather than for three, and since my 2 fellow students of the first week had a 4 hour class on the Friday I was invited to join that too. In the second week I was offered 2 extra classes of an hour and a half each. Activities ran even with just 1 participant: my flamenco class and leatherwork class consisted of just me and my accompanying intern. For the gardening, it was just me an...

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Food for the soul

These two weeks have been food for my soul. I feel so cared for in Ronda by Mar and everyone at the school. Geli and Paco are so beautiful too and I feel part of the family The city is magical too. I have been wandering and exploring everyday. I would love to stay longer...thank you so much for your ongoing guidance and care as well in the days before my arrival. Forever grateful...Norma, Vancouver Canada

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