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15-day French Language School

I attended this course at Antibes in 2013 at the same time as the Cannes Film Festival. It was a very well organised course and the teaching staff were university professionals. The daily afternoon trips were delightful and of course the one stop train ride to visit Cannes and to see the Film Festival in full swing very exciting. Anne Adelaide, Australia 2013

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Spanish learning School in Southern Spain

"Homestay and activities have been superb, and it was great value for money. My classes were for 4 hours per day rather than for three, and since my 2 fellow students of the first week had a 4 hour class on the Friday I was invited to join that too. In the second week I was offered 2 extra classes of an hour and a half each. Activities ran even with just 1 participant: my flamenco class and leatherwork class consisted of just me and my accompanying intern. For the gardening, it was just me an...

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Italian Language School & Cultural Experience

How do you imagine your Italian language vacation? Dodging cars and buses in a big city, or strolling the lanes of a picturesque hill town? Elbow to elbow with tour groups and commuters, or enjoying the vista of a peaceful, ancient valley? Brief words with waiters and shopkeepers, or long conversations with local residents? Making only memories - or friends, too? The Italian Language School and Cultural Experience looked great online, and after some deliberation, I went for it. 2 weeks in ...

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